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My View: Apple Needs to Do What is In the Best Interest of America…NOT Apple.


By Joe Mizereck

Why do so many people in America distrust business leaders?  Just look at what is happening between Apple and our FBI and focus your attention on the way Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook are fighting to protect the integrity of their iPhone operating system and you will get a peek into the answer.  It’s people like Tim Cook that cause Americans to distrust business leaders…they only care about the value of their stock and their stockholders.  No recognition of duty to America…it’s all about what’s good for Apple…plain and simple…and it is disturbing to the core.

I find it hard to believe that the creator of some of the most technologically advanced equipment and operating systems in the world cannot securely access the data in the terrorist’s iPhone and hand it over to the feds without the need for the feds and the rest of the world to see the magic behind it. The FBI isn’t even asking for this level of penetration. They are just asking Apple to take down one road-block to enable the FBI to access the info on the phone and determine if there is any info on that one phone that can help the FBI connect the dots in the terrorist’s activities.  Apple’s unwillingness to take this step is I am sad to say, absolutely and unquestionably a profit driven move on the part of Tim Cook who cannot even spell the word ethical.  Tim Cook and Apple are without any doubt in my mind pandering to their base and truth be told…Apple’s position on this is as Un-American as having the iPhones built in China.

Apple being unethical and un-American isn’t new.  Go back a few years and you will find that it was Tim Cook who developed the whole supply chain.  And he is the one who engaged the Chinese to supply the labor where workers were being paid pennies a day to crank out Apple products.  Make no mistake, Tim Cook didn’t find Jesus when the hammer came down on Apple for exploiting Chinese labor…it was only the increasing shortage of labor in China that forced manufacturers to pay labor more to do the work.  Apple would still be paying Chinese labor those pennies if they could.

The point is: Mr. Righteous isn’t all that righteous. This is the simple truth here and even though there is a chance that the info on the terrorist’s iPhone may prove to save lives, Mr. Righteous Cook wants us all to believe that he has our best interests at heart and that he and Apple are only protecting American’s privacy.  Total bullshit…yet, people will fall hook, line and sinker for this nonsense because they have drunk the Apple Kool-Aid.  How sad.

The real Tim Cook is the Tim Cook who would move American jobs to China because they could get away with paying Chinese labor pennies per hour and give their adoring crowds back at home what they desire…an iPhone.  That same Tim Cook is now suggesting that he is right and our government is wrong…who the hell does he think he is?  In my eyes, he is nothing more than a perfidious, traitorous, disingenuous, duplicitous, un-American rogue who cares little about what is in the best interest of America, and all about what is in the best interest of Apple.  Shame on him and anyone who comes to his and Apple’s defense.